May 4, 2020

I have had a frozen shoulder for years. It progressively worsened to the point of no longer being able to to do upper body at the gym. Id cry out in pain if it was hit. I had trouble sleeping and my range of motion was poor. After two sessions, my range of motion improved drastically. After 3 months, I was able to work out upper body again after taking off for almost a year. Sleep is much better and daily pain is much improved. Kate is wonderful. Very knowledgeable, professional, skilled, positive and answers my many questions. She is personable and easy to talk to. I trust her with my concerns. The entire staff smiles, knows me by name, and is always willing to help and take the time. My insurance ran out but I continued to pay out of pocket because I believed I was seeing results. Thank you soooo much! I was on the verge of surgery and now I have hope!