July 8, 2014

I am a physical therapist with 29 years of experience and met Aaron through a continuing education class. After seeing the amazing skills Aaron possessed, I brought my 16-year-old daughter to him for treatment. She had injured her back and had gone from running 10 miles to barely being able to walk, and she had not improved with treatment from me or other physical therapists I knew. She made amazing progress with Aaron, and in a few months, she returned to all her previous activities without pain.

His treatment of her was so successful, I decided to receive treatment for myself for unresolved problems in my back and neck. I, too, have made significant improvements and am in less pain than I’ve had in years! The techniques he uses are extremely effective and I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone. I have met many skilled therapists in my 29 years in the profession, and he is one of the very best!