Helping Jacksonville stay Active, Mobile and Pain-Free
without addictive pain meds and invasive surgeries!

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Our Goal is for YOU to stay Active, Mobile and Pain-Free while avoiding Expensive MRI’s, Unnecessary Surgeries, and Addictive Pain Medications. If your goal is to Enjoy your Activities and Sports Free of Pain, Stay Active with your kids and grandkids, Recover Quickly from injuries, and Prevent Future Injuries, then our clinic is the place for you!

Our therapists use a Hands-On manual/mobilization technique, unlike what you may have experienced at a traditional, corporate-owned, physical therapy clinic. With this advanced approach, called Functional Manual Therapy ™, we use manual, hands-on skills to find the root of your problem and fix it, rather than treating your pain without finding its cause.

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Jaw Pain

8 ways to end your jaw pain naturally.

Neck Pain

Ease neck pain before it causes severe headaches.

Back Pain

Learn the quickest ways to end back pain and stiffness.

Knee Pain

Learn tips to walk further for longer with less knee pain.

Shoulder Pain

Learn ways to relieve your shoulder pain.

Hear What People Just Like You

are Saying about John Goetze Physical Therapy
I am functioning higher than I ever have before.  ”

Matthew, 30s
I can walk without a walker.  I can walk without a cane most of the time.  And, I stand up tall …. ”

Bill, 80s
I had chronic back pain for a long time and was just kinda making it …”

John, 50s
As soon as I had his treatment, I realized that what he does is different.”

Liz, 60s
  With the treatment I’ve gotten, I’m able to turn my neck without pain.”

Mike, 70s
With physical therapy, I can manage my life beautifully and free of pain. ”

Sheila, 80s


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