Cell phones have become an integral part of our daily routines. We have a greater need to stay connected with our families, friends, coworkers, and the global community. Although these hand-held cell-phones make our lives easier, they are also having negative effects on our health.

While many healthcare professionals will quickly point out the damage that can be caused by the repetitive motions of our fingers with activities such as texting, the greater damage is caused by the postures we assume while using these devices.

Looking down at our phones can increase the strain on our necks by as much as five times. Given that the average head weighs approximately 12 pounds, looking down at our phones can increase that weight to up to 60 pounds across the neck. The typical posture assumed while using our phones also places tremendous strain on the shoulder regions and lower back. Studies have also demonstrated that our walking patterns (gait) have become altered as a result of staring at our phones while walking, leading to a reduction in overall walking stability.

Cell Phone posture damage

A quick remedy is to make sure that you keep your phones at eye level when in use. Take frequent breaks from cellphone usage to reduce shoulder fatigue, and maintain a gaze of at least 30 feet in front of you while walking.

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