What is Cupping?

Cupping is a therapy treatment using suction from a specified cup on the surface of the skin. With the cup on the surface of the skin, the air is then extracted from the cup causing the skin to be lifted and separated from the fascia layer just beneath it. Instead of just leaving the cup in one area, and adding more stationary cups, we found that moving the cup around the restricted area maximizes the benefits.

Benefits of cupping include:

  • Relieved muscles tension
  • Increase blood flow to the targeted tissue
  • Improve tissue healing ability
  • Improved joint mobility
  • Relieved pain symptoms
  • Decreased muscle cramps
  • Improved scar adhesions

What exactly does it do?

Since cupping increases blood circulation to the targeted tissue, there can also be increased cell repair, creation of new connective tissue, and possible angiogenesis(formation of new blood vessels). There is generally no pain; however tension and tightness can sometimes be felt. As with all therapy treatments there can be side effects such as minor bruising.

Generally, we like to pair cupping with another therapy treatment like myofascial release or professional stretching. This will help you get the maximum benefit from your session. Be sure to watch a video demonstration: CLICK HERE.

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