Do you get positional “dizziness” or vertigo every time you move your head to fast, go to lie down and/or roll over in bed, or bend over to tie your shoes?It could be a treatable condition called Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo or BPPV.True positional vertigo, not just dizziness, is the result of a disruption of your vestibular system which can give you a false sense of spinning or your environment spinning around you.BPPV occurs when small calcium crystals, or otoconia, from the vestibule make their way into one of the 3 semicircular canals.This usually occurs spontaneously, however it can be the result of dehydration or a head injury.Here at JGPT, we can use our knowledge of the anatomy of the inner ear to help guide the otoconia out of the semicircular canals and back to their proper place within the vestibule.You could be vertigo free within 1-3 treatments.