There is no ONE special pillow that will guarantee you will not wake up with neck, shoulder or back pain. 


The key to maximizing your comfort while sleeping is ALIGNMENT!


Therefore, you have to consider several factors and determine the type of pillow that will support your neck and shoulders to maintain optimal spinal alignment. 


Here are the factors you need to consider for yourself:

  1. Shoulder Width – broad or narrow 
  2. Curvature of your Neck – increased or decreased
  3. Sleep Position – back, stomach or side


Broad shoulders will require a thicker pillow while narrow shoulders may require a thinner pillow. If you have a flat neck curve you may need a flatter pillow while someone with an accentuated curve may benefit from a pillow with a built in curve, or utilize a towel roll in addition to a pillow to support the neck. Finally, when it comes to sleep position, a back sleeper may need a firmer and thicker pillow while a stomach sleeper would require a thin pillow to avoid excessive extension. 


Experiment with different pillows to ensure you are using one that keeps your spine aligned during the night. If you need further assistance, get an evaluation from a therapist who can determine the best pillow type based on your posture.