Plantar fasciitis is when the thick band of tissue that runs across the bottom of your foot, which also connects your heel to your toes, becomes inflamed. It is a common condition that can be made worse from:

  • Increased level of activity
  • Running on hard surfaces
  • Recent increase in weight gain

What you need:

  1. Somewhere to sit
  2. A ball (eg. tennis, racquet, golf…the harder the ball the tougher it will be)

What to do:

To alleviate the pain, find a place to sit where your feet are able to touch the ground. Sitting is best because it allows you to control the amount of pressure you are applying to the ball. Put the ball right underneath your foot and roll it back and forth from heel to toe. Roll until you feel relief. This can take several minutes.

With the ball still underneath your foot, you can move your toes up and down. This will allow for a deeper release.

Another option that can alleviate plantar fascia pain is using a plastic bottle of water. Put the bottle in the freezer and once frozen, roll the bottle under your foot from heel to toe.

Follow-up with your physical therapist for a more in-depth analysis of your plantar fascia issues.

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