The benefits of massage therapy go well past the relaxing sensations that are felt during the massage and pain relief afterward. Massage circulates lactic acid, improves blood circulation, and improves the immune system with lymphatic mobility. After the massage, the body will enter a new state of relaxation and heal faster than before. This is due to the improved blood flow and the decreased tension in the muscle. People with Osteoarthritis need massage therapy due to the pain-relieving effects and the ability to loosen the muscles that cross over an aggravated joint.

Massage Therapy at JGPT Beaches

Massage therapy is the most beneficial when in conjunction with Physical Therapy. In physical therapy, the therapist will inform you about the importance of mobilizing articulating joints and soft tissue structures around the joints. Massages with a combination of physical therapy, work together to heal the body faster due to improved blood flow, decreased inflammation, and improved lymphatic mobility. The more time the musculature body can be relaxed in a low tone state (with lower inflammation), the faster the body can enter proliferation (rapid growth of new cells) and begin healing.

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