Sacroiliac joint dysfunction (SIJD) is a low back/pelvic condition that occurs when there is hypomobility or hypermobility at the SI joint(s) in the pelvis.   This condition can affect both males and females, however it is more prevalent in females due to hormonal changes during menstrual cycles that cause joint laxity. SIJD can also occur from trauma and/or injury, such as from a fall and landing on one side of the pelvis or from over training for athletic participation. Muscle imbalances and hip hypermobility (dysplasia) can also lead to SIJD.

Symptoms may feel sharp or dull, usually localized to one side of the low back and/or pelvis. Symptoms may also radiate down one leg to or past the knee. Symptoms are usually worse getting in and out of a car, standing up from a seated position, rolling over in bed, and/or prolonged standing or walking.

This condition is easily diagnosed and treated with the proper muscle energy technique (MET) to realign the pelvis or “get the back in wack” and with specific strengthening and postural stabilization exercises. Contact JGPT Beaches today for more information on what could be an “easy fix” to this common aggravating condition!

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